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Are you looking for help with growing organic traffic? As a freelance SEO consultant, I can help you formulate a robust SEO strategy designed to maximise traffic, leads or sales. 

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Merging Data & Strategy to Deliver Measurable Results

I have spent almost a decade learning and developing SEO, something that was once a job quickly became an avid passion. Over this period I have had the opportunity to lead and deliver on projects in eCommerce, SaaS, health & beauty, D2C, and charity.

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Website Audits

Whether a free snapshot of website health, along with a summary of recommended action or a paid comprehensive audit, I can help you:

Identify areas needing improvement

Prioritise optimisations by time to action and impact

Educate you on the elements of your website and how it impact SEO

Guide you on how to implement changes and install best practices

Keyword Research

As a seasoned SEO, I’m no stranger to keyword research, mapping and planning. Making sure you are choosing attainable keywords that meet business goals and user intent is essential to your ongoing strategy.

Non-branded keyword research 

Customer profiling 

Competitor analysis & content gaps

Proven strategies for both attainable longtail keywords and competitive strategies

Content Marketing

Today there is more emphasis than ever on quality content that is informative and helpful to users so choosing someone who will spend time researching the subject and sub-topics, as well as the landscape is of great importance.

Content planning 

Content optimisations 

Content creation 

Quality content that is well-researched and optimised for users

Technical SEO

Not only does it help you rank in search engines but it helps make your site user-friendly too. From optimising internal linking and the user journey on-site to optimising for core web vital metrics, technical SEO is a critical component of any SEO strategy.

Regular web audits 

Technical implementation 

Core web vitals & page performance

Improve web visibility and conversion rates


I have had the benefit of assisting a number of Software as a Service B2B businesses and worked on many innovative projects. The challenge is often conveying the value of a new concept and doing so quickly, as startups rarely have the time to spare.

Comfortable with technical language and concepts

Motivated by fast pace campaigns

Define the sales funnel 

Focus on lead generation 


Whether large or small, eCommerce websites deserve special attention and this is often born from site structure and the need to differentiate PLP and PDP.

Enterprise SEO

Product management

Internal search optimisation 

Crawl budget optimisation

Local SEO

If you are a high street business, or a business with multiple locations, building local search visibility will be a primary source of revenue.

Google Business Profile Optimisation and Management

NAP SEO & local directory listings 

Website optimisation 

Targeted content creation

International SEO

Targeting more than one country is a technical strategy and proper planning and optimisation will yield the best results.

Hreflang corrections and implementation 

Customised international strategy

Experience in working with copywriters in multiple languages

Knowledge of different search engines and algorithms

Featured Case Studies

  • Maximising Visbility in a Competitive Market


    WE.VESTR take on competitors such as Pulley and Carta through a robust content strategy, paired with onsite technical optimisations.

  • Driving Transactional Intent in Search


    An SEO journey born from a need to fill non-branded content gaps and fix a myraid of technical SEO problems on this sustainable designers Shopify store.

  • Harnessing the Power of Local SEO through GBP


    Islington based London Heating Solutions have succesfully managed their online reputation and generated daily enquiries through Google Business Profile.


Why Choose a Freelance SEO Consultant?

A freelance SEO can provide you with a flexible service package to support your business needs, seeing your website, content and business goals to present a customised plan that will help you scale business revenue. 

Unlike agencies, you will always be working with the same person who will get to know your business intimately and quite often, you will be paying far less or the same or better results. 

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