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Finding affordable SEO services in London can be a frustrating challenge, especially when comparing agency prices. There is a better way, SEO in Motion offers freelance SEO experts in London that don’t cost the earth.

Affordable SEO services London

Empowering London Businesses with Affordable SEO Services

Looking for affordable SEO in London? SEO in Motion is a dynamic and innovative brand that was founded in 2022, dedicated to providing exceptional SEO services to businesses in London and Peterborough. Our brand essence revolves around the principles of education, transparency, and delivering easily understandable SEO solutions to clients.

At the helm of SEO in Motion is Sally Raymer, an accomplished SEO consultant with nearly a decade of experience in the industry. With a comprehensive skill set encompassing both technical and content SEO, Sally takes pride in spearheading all aspects of the work, supported by a team of talented contractors whenever necessary. Her expertise extends from ensuring your web pages are indexed and ranked to bolstering local and international visibility for your business.

SEO in Motion’s service offerings cover a wide range of SEO needs. Whether it’s technical SEO, where we optimise your website’s backend infrastructure for improved performance and search engine visibility, or content SEO, where we craft compelling, keyword-rich content to attract and engage your target audience, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of local and international visibility for businesses. With our in-depth knowledge of multi-faceted SEO strategies, we help our clients dominate the search landscape, ensuring that their business is prominently featured in location-based searches. For companies looking to expand their reach beyond borders, we employ effective international SEO techniques to capture global opportunities.

Choosing SEO in Motion means choosing a partner dedicated to your success. With our passion for SEO, commitment to education, and unwavering transparency, we are here to propel your business forward in the competitive digital landscape. Experience the power of effective SEO with SEO in Motion, and let us help you achieve your online goals.

An SEO Expert at your Fingertips

Our service is centred around delivering work quickly and efficiently, producing results as soon as possible and keeping you updated with comprehensive reports and virtual meetings, in which we’ll be able to not only answer any queries over campaign performance but utilise our expertise too.

Technical SEO Implementation and Audits

This is more than running a crawl using SEMrush or Ahrefs, yes we utilise these tools but we also utilise our own knowledge and experience in breakdown the issues that are blocking progress, or identifying gaps for opportunities, such as missing structured data, or testing schema’s to maximise CTR and click-through rates.

Moreover, the process would not stop at findings from the audit alone, user experience factors, such as page speed metrics and Core Web Vitals and the positioning of internal links and Call to Action would also be assessed to improve onsite engagement and conversion.

Find out more about standalone audits and bespoke playbooks or to understand more about what technical SEO entails, why not check out my introductory free course.

Content Audits, Copy Writing and Strategy

Take the lead in London SERPs with customised content strategy services, covering everything from keyword research to content and gap analysis, copywriting and more.

Whether you need someone to brush up on your expertise or to have SEO copy written for your approval, SEO in Motion can help fulfil your content needs and help position in front of customers looking for your product or services every day. We’ll always communicate analysis and findings before setting any plan in stone, keeping you in control of your business narrative and each month, we’ll prepare a content calendar so that you know exactly what will be delivered.

And, we don’t take offence at feedback, just as I’m an expert in SEO, you are an expert in your niche. So, whether it’s refining the tone, fact-checking or using specified resources, we’ll always endeavour to ensure you’re happy with the work produced.

Local Citations and Optimisation

From optimising pages for several locations to managing Google Business Listings and keeping local citations up-to-date, you can rely on SEO in Motion to bring your brand to London locals.

SEO in Motion has experience in representing dozens of high-street brands, from law firms to plumbers and chain stores.

Why not take advantage of a free virtual session today, flexible PAYG packages available.